Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Muslim and American Theocrats Share- Vultures of Palestine, Unite- The Popes of Arabia Try Multitasking- How to Thank a King in American

Iran makes BBC Persian language TV channel illegal.
This was the headline early this morning (CNN) and it reminds me of 2006, when the Bushies issued a fatwa making al-Manar TV of Lebanon (Hezbullah) illegal, making marketing the satellite channel in the US an act of terrorism. That was a post-First Amendment moment for Mr. Bush.

Palestinians: ‘our leaders have let us down and they are fighting over the Gaza War booty’. Aafaq
Just as I expected in one of my last postings. The $ 1-2 billion talked about for Gaza by the Arab petroleum states at one of their three summits last week are already being fought over. The Saudi king alone promised $1 billion. Hamas would like access to the money, but they are not likely to get any of it unless they break away from Iran and embrace the Saudi axis. The Fatah potentates of Mr. Abbas in Ramallah are salivating at the prospect of access to the money. I bet their offshore bankers are also salivating at the prospect: they recall the last bonanza of the 1990s, when their predecessors under Arafat, the ministers and leaders, got rich from all the post-Oslo aid funds. That was when Hamas saw its opportunity, took up the slack and provided the public services the Fatah boys would not.

Maybe the two Palestinian factions can get together for a while for a very good cause: they can join in a sting to get access to the petro-money. Afterwards, having split the money, they can go their separate ways. Until the next oil boom: petroleum prices are certain to rise again after the world recession ends sometime in the next two to three years. Then the whole circle can start again.

Just think of it, Arab oligarchs and potentates last week managed to do what no other group of leaders has ever done. They held three separate summits at three different locations. Various and often overlapping groups of them held summits in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait- all within the same week.
These guys can multitask, they can walk and chew gum, or better yet: they can walk and play with their....misbahs. The Europeans have never achieved anything quite like it- they came close once when they had two popes at Rome and Avignon, but that was a long time ago.

A Brown-backed Logic in Kansas:
If detainees of Gitmo are brought to the Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas, the military trainees in Kansas of allied Muslim countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia have said that they will leave. They will not stay in Kansas if these people are there… Sen Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) on MSNBC.

And to think that this man was once a candidate for president of the United States. But that’s okay: it was only for the Republican nomination. Now that B.S is a Brownbacked logic.

Gaza war fallout: Barak describes Olmert as a chameleon, and OLmert calls him a failure…Israel’s Haaretz daily calims that the tunnels at Rafah are being rebuilt quickly and that a ticket for crossing costs about $400… Elaph

“Jim Thorpe startled the world in 1912. As part of the U.S. delegation competing at the 1912 Summer Games in Stockholm, he pulled off one of the most impressive sporting feats in history, simply destroying the world's best in the decathlon and pentathlon. Perhaps the greatest all-around athlete of all time, Thorpe, a Sac and Fox Indian (Native American), bested his competitors by enormous margins, finishing first in nine of the 15 separate track and field events that made up the two competitions.
Thorpe was a track and football star at a vocational school for Native Americans, before and after his trip to Stockholm. On the boat trip over to Sweden the naturally gifted Thorpe mostly napped while his teammates trained.
At the Games' closing ceremonies King Gustav V told him, "Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world!" To which Thorpe reportedly replied, "Thanks, king." “ Infoplease
Clearly Jim Thorpe was ill-mannered: oddly, he did not dedicate the gold medals, or attribute them, to any American leader, or to the Swedish king, or even to any of the many Arab kings, oligarchs, and dictators for life….
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