Tuesday, July 28, 2009

“Even before the television debates, the Iranian candidates were going along with the regime….the were in denial, just as they were on the eve of the occupation of Fao (Peninsula)…..before their forces collapsed in all operational fronts….

“One of the most exciting events of the Fao ‘epic’ is that Iraqi disinformation planners wanted to convince the Iranian command that Iraqi forces…….

"They are making the same mistakes they made during Fao….following the same route…”

Idiotic Iraqi general, who was head of Saddam’s military intelligence during the war crimes: during the use of chemicals and gassing of Kurds and Iranians, during the invasion of Kuwait, during the setting of the Fires of Kuwait when 700 burning oil wells spewed smoke for for nearly ten months (I know, I breathed that black smoke with others, there was no escaping it, 24/7 for many months), and during the massacres of Shi’as and Kurds in the popular rebellions of 1991. I know people who were tortured and killed by the grisly regime that he was part of. Others know even more.

He is still fighting old lost wars, using the massive media of his former victims from a safe distance. A losing general Samarrai in search of a new war that would set the Gulf region on fire again, just like it did when he served his old master. A losing general in search of a winnable war…..a war that American boys and girls or, barring that, Israeli pilots can win for him and his new masters.

So, every time General Wafiq Samarrai publishes a piece advocating a new war, I will have to respond with my own wish list which consists of one item: his head in the hands of his main victims; the Iraqi people.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Jacko, Kim Jong-Il, Bush, Netanyahu, and Mother of All Follies

CNN, which can be truly called the Michael Jackson News Network has interviewed a Jacko insider (a friend names Chopra, but no dollar amount was put on this particular friend, yet) who mentions that Jacko was thinking of reaching out to Little Kim in old Pyongyang. He said that Jacko always reached out to strangers, calling them late at night (this doesn’t sound good) trying to learn from them. Maybe he could have gotten the Dear Pudgy Leader to give up some of his nukes for a duet, or a spot on his aborted tour?
Look for Larry King (Michael Jackson Live) to elaborate on this one for the next week or two. Hey, the news business is slow in summer.

What if Israel does it? Thank God that Benjamin Netanyahu and George Bush did not manage to get together (in power. That would have been the Mother of All Catastrophes. Thank God there is a wiser master in the White House today, one who doesn’t look at the world with the arrogant eye of the neo-conservatives: wither with us or against us. The new Israeli government is more in tune with the last American administration…..

If Netanyahu, lulled by the ease of the Ozirak operation in the early 1980s tries to bomb Iranian facilities…this would be the greatest gift to Ahmadinejad and the extreme conservatives in Iran….. Asharq Alawsat
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